Music Technology



Under the skilled direction of Robert (Bob) Bruning, students are introduced to music tech concepts, history, and use of computer-based digital sequencing. Students are taught production skills for audio recording of events and live performances. The Business of Music (music industry and media) covers the basics of music production including royalties, intellectual property, and contracts (a Pro-Tools certification class). Mr. Bruning also provides online classes at Students have unique access to these resources and are encouraged to participate. In 2017, Adidas sponsored the construction of Sound Lab, a fully functioning recording studio and program designed to help young artists learn and grow. AMPA is proud to be selected as one of only four national school sites for this program. Students now have a distinct opportunity to participate in professional recording production, on campus, in the newly dedicated studio. Learn more about the Adidas Sound Lab at Alexander Hamilton High School’s Academy for Music & Performing Arts. MakeWavesMusic is the Hamilton High School/AMPA in-house owned and operated record label. You can buy our music here.

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